Bruce L. Cohen Fund Research Awards

Deadlines to apply for individual research projects: Friday, October 23, 2020 for fall, and Friday, February 12, 2021 for spring. Requests for funding events may be submitted at any time. There are limited funds available for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please visit the Student Grants Database to apply, search on keyword “Cohen”.

The Bruce L. Cohen Fund, established through the generosity of Bruce L. Cohen ‘83, supports undergraduate scholarship and undergraduate scholarly programming. Grants are made in support of research and on-campus scholarly events. Successful applications to the Bruce L. Cohen Fund Research Award will include a specific description of the relationship between your project and LGBT and gender studies and citation of specific texts from the relevant fields of scholarship.

Funding for research may support such items as travel* to archives or other research sites; acquisition of inaccessible books, microfilms, or other materials (with the understanding that such materials will ultimately be offered to Sterling or another library within the university); or other legitimate research expenses. Individual awards range from $200 to $1,000. All Yale undergraduates are eligible to apply. There are two application cycles for research grants – see deadlines above.

[*Important: please read travel restrictions here: Phase 3 of Yale’s reopening, with limited exceptions, only university-sponsored travel approved by the Off-Campus Research and Fieldwork Committee is permitted. The committee has deemed certain limited forms of research travel as exempt, but most off-campus researchers will need to submit their proposals for research to the committee via the EHS Integrator (VPN required). To find out how to get research approval during Phase II, and whether your particular research project qualifies for exemption from EHS review, please go to the Pathways to Research Reactivation page (VPN required) and follow the flowchart and links. All other Yale-sponsored travel is prohibited until further notice. This includes both domestic and international travel.  Students must fill out a form and submit it to their Health and Safety Leader (HSL) prior to travel:

Individual research awards range from $200 to $1,000. Original receipts are necessary for reimbursement; no meals are covered.  Award monies are available for one year after the grant has been awarded. After one year, an application for an extension of the grant must be filed. Students are responsible for knowing all University policies and procedures related to the conduct of research as they apply to their proposed project.

The Cohen Fund also makes grants to support on-campus scholarly events.  These grants are available for on-campus lectures, workshops, conferences, and other such educational events or projects which are directed toward undergraduates and organized by either faculty or undergraduate student organizations. Grants for scholarly events will normally range from $200 to $500.  Applications for event subventions may be submitted at any time, but people interested in applying for such funds are encouraged to make initial inquiries as early as possible.

Cohen funds cannot provide reimbursement for expenses already incurred.

To apply, please visit the Students Grant Database online, and search by keyword “Bruce Cohen”.

The following will be required:

  • A description of the work for which funding is needed (at least one, but not more than four double-spaced pages). Successful applications will include specific description of the relationship between your project and LGBT and gender studies and citation of specific texts from the relevant fields of scholarship. Applicants should also indicate what ground work they have done to prepare for this project. What relevant courses have you taken to hone your scholarly methodologies and train yourself in the relevant historiography? What professors have you consulted about the shape of the project? What archives or informants have you contacted? Finally, successful projects will be feasible, with a clear hypothesis and research time line.
  • An itemized budget and description of the need for support (including the description of any other financial support solicited for this project); estimated airfare should be documented by a printout from a travel-related website like Egencia, Travelocity, etc.; estimated hotel costs should be documented by a printout from the hotel or hotel discounter website

Additionally you will need to provide your home address, e-mail address, and phone number.  If you are applying for an individual research grant, you will also need to ask a Yale faculty member to write a letter of recommendation for you, to be submitted by the application deadline.

Any questions? Please contact  Announcement of the awards will be made three to four weeks after the application deadline.

Cohen Award Recipients:

Spring 2019
Genna Abele

Fall 2018
Abbey Burgess
Jordan Cozby
SGH Gavis-Hughson
Chris Quazzo
Ryan Seffinger
Rita Wang

Spring 2018
Nitya Rayapati
Justine Xu

Fall 2017
Nina Goodheart

Spring 2017
Isadora Milanez
Angela Sim

Fall 2016
Joel DeLeon
Josh Tranen

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Laura Goetz
Sei Han

Spring 2015

Alex Borsa

Fall 2014

Alexandra Pollak 

Spring 2014

Caleb Madison 
Justine Appel

Fall 2013

Spencer Klavan
Emaline Kelso and Q magazine
Jenna Cook 

Spring 2013

Timothy Pham

Fall 2012

Natalia Thompson

Spring 2012

Natalia Thompson
Laura Turnbridge