Andrew Solomon ‘85 Research Fellowships in LGBT Studies

The Spring 2024 application is now open! Deadline for submission is WednesdayFebruary 212024 by 1:00 PM EST. For more information, visit the Yale Student Grants Database.

A generous gift from Andrew Solomon ‘85 has enabled us to organize an annual competition for summer fellowships to support undergraduate research projects in sexuality studies, especially lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender studies. Stipend support is granted for 8-10 weeks of fulltime summer research. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply.  Preference will be given to those students, especially juniors, whose research is intended to contribute to their senior essays.

Applications are submitted through the Yale College Student Grants database.  For more information on the Solomon Research Fellowships and application procedures, visit the Student Grants website, and search for Solomon Research Fellowship in LGBT Studies  (you must have a Yale NetID to view it.)

2023 Solomon Fellows:

  • Aster Aguilar,  Trans Plays as Trans Praxis?: Subversion of the Cis Gaze in “Burgerz”
  • Laurel Turner,  Perspectives on Fracture

2022 Solomon Fellows:

  • Peyton Aiken, Queering the Narrative: A Deep Dive into LGBTQ+ Inclusive Children’s Literature
  • Sam Heimowitz, Slovania, Hungary, Poland: The Rise of the LGBT Movement, Legal Homophobic Reactions, and the Struggle for the Right to Exist
  • Akweley Mazarae Lartey, Identity, Community, and Aging: Ethnicity’s Impact on Ghanian Understandings of Gender and Sexuality

2021 Solomon Fellows:

  • Alejandro Andres Campillo, Queering Theater Processes By Amplifying BIPOC Transgender Voices
  • Danny Germino-Watnick, Dreaming and Disclosure: The Craft of Elizabeth Bishop’s Dream Poems

2020 Solomon Fellows:

  • Kiran Baucom, Southern/Queer
  • CJ Fowler, Go (to Key) West, Young Man: Tourists, drag queens, and the possibility of queer futures
  • Alejandra Larriva-Latt, An American Artist: reconsidering lineages and symbolism in David Wojnarowicz’s work
  • Akweley Lartey, Coalitional Activism: the link between LGBTQ activism and mental health advocacy in Ghana
  • Matt Nadel, CANS can’t stand
  • Raphie Orleck-Jetter, The Queer Family: a return to the radical possibilities of LGBT parenthood

2019 Solomon Fellows:

  • Jordan Cozby, LGBTQ+ Teacher acceptance in the United States and South Africa
  • Nour Hussari, Arab Foundation for Freedom and Equality
  • Rachel Koh, NGO internship and thesis research on sex work in Singapore
  • Maxwell Richardson, Exploring kinship dynamics among black queer men in the context of the ongoing HIV epidemic
  • Marwan Safar Jalani, Human Rights Watch internship
  • Marisa Vargas-Morawetz, Queering the Homestead: An Oral, Visual, and Archival History of Queer and Genderqueer Farmers in the United States

2018 Solomon Fellows:

  • Maeve Howard, Valuing Bodies: LGBTQ and Gender Nonconforming Reproductive Healthcare
  • Kellyn Kusyk, “Every Dyke Knows a Dyke Mechanic”: Mapping Queer and Trans Theory On the Field of Auto-Mechanics
  • Brian MatusovskyCharacterizing the Experiences of Discrimination and Stigma among Transgender Individuals and Queer Women in Bucharest, Romania (in collaboration with the Romanian Anti-AIDS Association (ARAS)
  • Deborah MontiThe Body in War: The Revolution and Queer Opportunity in Rural Mexico, 1910-1930
  • Rebecca Persson, The Law and BDSM: Consent in Adjudicating Sex
  • Nitya RayapatiLGBTQ Community-Based Healthcare in U.S. Cities in the 1970s
  • Maxwell Richardson, Esteem
  • Liam Riley, Black Queer Urban Resistances and Redefintions: Intersectional Spaces in Late 20th Century Harlem
  • Justine Xu“Culture Change:” Negotiating Heterogeneity in San Francisco’s Queer and Transgender Asian American Community

2017 Solomon Fellows:

  • Luna Beller-Tadiar, “Visual Ethnography of Visual Practice: Art and Violence in the Phillipines
  • Kyle Ranieri, LGBT Program intership at Human Rights Watch
  • Angela Sim, “Not on Virtuous Chinawoman: the Page Act of 1875

2016 Solomon Fellows:

  • Nathaly Aramayo, “Muxes: Si. Y Los Demas?”: On Muxes, their Communities, Gender Non-conformity, and the Spanish Language
  • Isabel Cruz, Visibility and Violence: The Social and Legal Impacts of Argentina’s Transgender Rights Law
  • Laura Goetz, The Long-term Physiological Effects of Cross-sex Hormone Therapy in a Murine Model
  • Alexander Schultz, Research at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at USC

2015 Solomon Fellows:

  • Alex Borsa, SM 2016, Truvada Who(re)? PrEP, Biopolitics, and the Construction of Sexual Subjectivity
  • Nikita Khaitan, SM 2016, In the wake of 377: Examining Narratives on Hinduism and Homosexuality

2014 Solomon Fellows:

  • Maya Binyam, BC 2015, Representation as Reverberation: Toward a Re-telling of Political Asylum
  • Daniel Dangaran, ES 2015, “This Place Needs Some Harm Reduction:” An Ethnographic Critical Analysis of an HIV/AIDS Service Nonprofit in San Francisco
  • Fabian Fernandez, DC 2015, ‘Sociolismo’ and Networks of Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Havana, Cuba

2013 Solomon Fellows:

  • Carol Crouch, How to Be Black, Female, and Othered Online: A Historical and Cultural Analysis
  • Winnie HongGender Performance on the Web:The effects of new social networking technology on gender performance and dating culture in the lesbian community in South Korea
  • Gabriel Murchison Research on the History of LGBT Health Projects

2012 Solomon Fellows:

  • Isabel Ortiz, JE 2014, English, Cross-Cultural Representations of Religion and Sexuality in the Animation Genre
  • Rebecca Suldan, ES 2013, WGSS, The Women’s Action Coalition, the Lesbian Caucus, and Identity Politics in Third Wave Feminism
  • Erin Vanderhoof, ES 2013, WGSS, Race and Queer Identity in Cape Town, South Africa

2011 Solomon Fellows:

  • Joan Gass, MC 2012, WGSS, Transnational LGBTQ Movements in India.
  • Mara Dauphin, DC 2012, History, The Role of Publications in Building LGBTQ Communities in 20th Cent. America.
  • Katherine Lund, SM 2012, English, LGBT Family Portraits: A Senior Project in the Writing Concentration.
  • Peter Thompson, ES 2013, Religious Studies, An Ethnography of Epicentro: Centro Comunitario Gay de Lima Peru.

2010 Solomon Fellows:

  • Ben Bernard, SM 2011, History, A comparison of the historical background to the debates over PACS and gay marriage in France, Massachusetts, and Connecticut
  • Kiki Fehling, CC 2011, WGSS, Sexuality and sexual health among the LGBT elderly
  • Sam Schoenburg, SM 2011, Political Science, Analysis of the messaging strategies used by both sides in recent state referendum campaigns over marriage (drawing on polling and focus group data acquired by Freedom to Marry, New York City)
  • Seth (Sarah Beth) Weintraub, TD 2011, WGSS, A study of the effectiveness of social service programs for homeless transgender youth, using the records of the Ali Forney Center for LGBT homeless youth in New York City

2009 Solomon Fellows:

  • Alan Montes, “Psychological and Communal Support Needs of Latino LGBT Teens and Youth”
  • Rachel Schiff, “Transgender Legal Advocacy and Research: Exploring the Intersection of Legal Language and Civil Rights
  • Sophia Shapiro, “Research on AIDS and Youth at Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, New York”

2008 Solomon Fellows:

  • Adam Gardner, “(Re)Presenting Absence: Felix Gonzalez-Torres and the Archive of Loss”
  • Emily Hoffman, “A Study of Lesbian Performance in New York, San Francisco, and London”
  • Anna Wipfler, “LGBTQ Student Organizing at Yale in the 1970s and 1980s”